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Current Activities and news

The newly built Dwumena Palace with rooms for a cultural library and museum


With funds from our son David, the Palace of the Dwumena Clan of Kukurantumi was rebuilt on the site of the original 200 year old building. Two of the rooms in the Palace are used as a cultural library and museum. It is the only such museum within 100 miles that contains books and artifacts of the Akyem Abuakwa tribe.

Nana Kyerewaa greeting people at the Dwumena Palace


On December 30, 2019 Hilda Bromley was installed as chief of the Dwumena Clan of Kukurantumi. . We now live in the Dwumena Palace at the center of town. The new palace is on the site of one of the oldest buildings in Kukurantumi. Interestingly enough, the Palace is also right across the street from where she was born in 1946. As chief, Nana will counsel the clan members, settle family disputes and be the leader of important clan and tribal festivals.

In-service for Librarians


On January 23rd, the Books For Africa Library Project will hold their 21st annual in-service for librarians. Twenty librarians are scheduled to attend. Each library will received over $200 USD worth of locally published/written books. The focus for the in-service will be threats to our environment and what Ghanaians can do to protect their environme