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Now focusing on support for the 62 libraries set up in Ghana since 1997.

In the rural areas of Ghana, opportunities for young people to read books outside of school are very limited. Research has shown that leisure time reading has a huge impact on literacy, and literacy is strongly connected to moving out of poverty. Libraries also serve as a resource to the community in terms of technical skill development. Hence, libraries are an extremely important resource to the population of in rural areas.
Although libraries in the rural areas of Ghana are very precious resources, almost all of them face difficult challenges. Their economies of rural towns are typically very weak due to the flight to the cities in search of employment.
In an effort to keep currently operating libraries open, the Books For Africa Library Project (BFALP) visited seven libraries in the northern regions of Ghana. We met with the local librarians and the Board of Trustees of these libraries. All were facing difficulties paying their librarians. Hence, we went to the Coordinating Directors of their District Assemblies. On the whole, we met with a positive response and promises to help pay the librarian's salaries regularly. We are planning visits in 2017 to those libraries in southern Ghana which are still desirous of our support and training in librarianship. We have long been advocates of reading clubs and reading contests in libraries, and have already given most of the librarians some training. A primary focus will be to train local library board of trustees in fundraising techniques, and offer further training in support and management of their libraries.

The Bromleys continue to sell their book, If the Lord Does Not Build the House. You may order the book direct from the Bromleys at a discount of 25%. $15.00 plus shipping (about $5) Order by phone: 314-865-3733 or by e-mail: Contact Us

All proceeds will go to benefit the continued mission work with the rural libraries and in promoting recovery for alcoholics and drug addicts in Ghana.

Kirt and Hilda have also produced a manual on how to set up a library in rural Africa. This is a "how to manual" which offers concrete advice on obtaining free books in the USA, shipping them to Africa, designing a library and shelves, organizing the books on the shelves by Dewey Decimal system, training a librarian, organizing reading contests and reading clubs, and finally managing a community library with a local board of trustees. The Bromleys have shipped over 350,000 books to Ghana, and have set up 61 libraries there. These libraries are managed by a local board of trustees and are run by local librarians. This book describes how to accomplish this. This book is available as a free PDF document for download to help your community set up a library. It is also available as a Kindle book on for $0.99. Click here to download the pdf document.

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As of March 2016, BFALP has set up 62 libraries in the rural areas of Ghana. The Bromleys plan on continuing this mission work on their four month trip back to Ghana in December 2016.